Forum Title: How do you spot a failing roof?
A lot of customers ask this so I thought I would ask you guys/gals the same.How do you know when asphalt shingles on a roof need to be replaced?Are there any signs or clues that can tell you before water damage has to set in?
Category: Roofing Post By: DOLORES WONG (Miami, FL), 01/05/2018

I would say that discolorations is something worth checking. I know they will lighten with the sunlight but if they start to become darker in spots, or only certain areas become light while others don't, it is likely leaking somewhere in the darker area.

- Leo Benson (Plano, TX), 03/03/2018

While it is not part of my job to do inspections, you have to look for the obvious. Like mentioned above, darkening shingles usually means leaking. Raised and rolling shingles is another sign. I am not expert but with enough looking, you will spot the bad parts.

- TAMMY WOOD (Rio Rancho, NM), 03/21/2018

I look for the things mentioned above but also knowing the age and the weather conditions of the area makes a HUGE difference. Places that don't see much rain likely wont be suffering from bad leaks but thet may have some wood rot under the shingles.

- LISA MARTINEZ (Iowa City, IA), 05/09/2018

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