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The way I was taught biz success was a very simple method. Numbers equals sales. The more people That'see you and read of you equals leads, number of leads equals sales. When I was a VERY young pup I was a door to door solicitor/Closer. From 9:00 AM till whenever I knocked on doors till I got at least 2 appointments. At night I went back and pitched the family on Aluminum Siding and/or Roofs. Many a night I got to a persons home at dinner time and unless I had a signed contract or was asked to leave I was still there for midnight snacks. This may sound crude but keep in mind, this is how it was done 50 years ago. The Movie Tin Men gives you like the short version of what we did. Today we have the computer. I opened a Web Store for selling Layered Cue Tips for Pool Cues. I am retired so I look at this as ?fresh Money?. I Don't reach into old money. If I Don't sell an order of tips that day, I Don't buy anything the next and yes, this has happened. To me, it makes me hungry so the next day I just work harder, see more people on line and push a little harder. A new video, a blog anything that will attract more people both new and old. Yes, I am a Carney Man but I am not a Con Man. I'might have to push hard but I deliver quality. You may have a better way. What is it.
Category: Roofing Post By: LESTER BARNETT (Oak Lawn, IL), 02/15/2018

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